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In the Salvation video she wears the Textured Flower Jacquard T-Shirt Top from Orla Kiely available for £198.00

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Styling for Gabrielle Aplin at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2013

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Exact Sale List!


This is a list of items that Gabrielle owns and are now on sale. It goes from cheap to expensive. Contact us if there’s any problem or if you want any currency conversion. Enjoy!x

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In the photoshoot for Hunger Magazine, she wore this Christian Dior SS13 dress, which is now sold out


The dress Gabrielle wore in this picture from the Hunger Magazine shoot looks like this Silk Check Dress from Louis Vuitton’s 2013 Spring/Summer collection.

The difference is the lenght: the fabric, sleeve lenght, the width, the check size, etc., is the same. My theory is that they cut the last check because I counted them and it’s nine checks and the one from the catwalk is ten checks, so I’d say they did it to make her look taller.


For the Hunger Magazine photoshoot, Gabrielle also wore the Solid Color Nylon Socks from We Love Colors in Scarlet Red, White and Black


In the photoshoot for Company Magazine

Flower Crown: Whole Lotta Rosie Headband in Navy from Crown and Glory

Shoes: White Hight Top Chuck Taylor from Converse




Okay I made a cheesy christmassy post including this selfie but apparently it didn’t post…
Well basically what I was saying was probably that I am really thankful because you accepted us and supported us awesomely, and I believe you’re all amazing and I hope you have a great Christmas and don’t have to go through any bullshit (and I am genuinely sorry if you do, and also hope it gets better). This is my christmassy face so yep (this will get us many unfollowers) but I believe seeing my face might make someone grateful for theirs like “THANK GOD I DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT”
Anyway, I’m loosing my point. Have a merry Christmas (from Neus too). I’m still sending messages, some of them will be New Year’s bc you’re too many!
Also congrats to whatdafarq bet you don’t like my face anymore
Thanks and sorry

aaahh isn’t she amazing?
And shut up you’re absolutely gorgeous !!

Awwh shu’up you’re too nice *blushes for three years*

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Gabrielle wore this sold out Leather Skirt by Topshop Unique for the Hunger TV photo shoot.

Worn with: Louboutins and Topshop Unique Top.

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